Digitech Audio & Visual Systems


Boardroom Solutions



Boardroom room is the place in a company’s office where the brains of the company join, usually to accomplish a common goal for the benefit of the company as a whole. Meetings and consultations between different aspects of the business come together inside the boardroom room to make sure that they are constantly working together to progress the business and its processes.

Digitech specializes in designing meeting rooms that are well-equipped with complete and advanced facilities and systems that results in top class discussion and learning environment.

Videowall Solutions



Video walls have become immeasurably popular in last few years. Companies have realized how important they are for the promoting and marketing of their products and services.

Digitech make sure to design a video wall that is reliable, efficient, can be easily integrated, and is easy to manage and control. It also makes sure of flawless and accurate installation at the clients strategic location that can potentially increase their business.

Home Cinema Solutions



Nearly everyone enjoys watching a good movie from time to time and there’s nothing like watching your favorite movie on the big screen and experiencing the excellent visual and sound quality.

Digitech brings in such theatre home to experience and to have actual feel of the movies, sports events or any programme of the customer’s choice to their comfort place, home

NOC Solutions



Business organizations, public utilities, universities, defence organizations, and government agencies implement NOCs that supervise complicated networking environments that require little to no downtime.

Digitech conduct a detailed site survey to design a NOC that are of advance technology and highly performance based to analyze problems, perform troubleshooting, monitor communication and other operational issues

Home Automation Solutions



Many of us already manage our lives through our smartphones and tablets, so extending that to our homes is a natural and enjoyable transition. Home automation products provide convenience and save you time and effort performing household tasks.

With so many technological advancements Digitech help conserve energy and save money by reducing your home’s energy consumption and most importantly, it lets you complete home automation , customize your home to fit your family’s unique needs and lifestyle

Video Conference Solutions



Companies of all sizes and in every industry are rapidly adopting video conferencing as a way to, increase efficiency and cut costs in these economic epoch. Remote working arrangements are becoming increasingly popular; not only do they allow for more flexibility in telecommuters’ lives, connecting to the office remotely enables employees to work without common office distractions.

Digitech provides you the best technology to have an efficient way for business to communicate with employees, customers and sales prospects. Also, benefits adopting video conference as a part of your everyday operations to increase productivity, save money, keep employees connected, improve and maintain business relationship and improve work-life balance.